Creative Impulse 2020 FAQ,


1. Which format should the product images to be submitted have?
The picture data should be submitted in printable quality (300 dpi) and in a common format e.g. jpg, tiff or eps.

2. Will I receive a confirmation on my participation in Creative Impulse?
If the product submitted meets the participation criteria, it automatically participates in the Creative Impulse Award competition. There won’t be a submission confirmation. But if you desire one, please note it on the participation form.

3. How large a product sample may be submitted?
It should be easy to handle and to be presented in the exhibition area.

4. Is a creative sample to be submitted made with that product/tool?
No, but it makes the presentation more descriptive and adds to explaining the product/tool.

5. After the presentation, do I get back the samples submitted?
Principally, there is the opportunity to get back the products submitted during the dismantling of the show. But they will have been fixed to the presentation area, so be aware there might be damage to them.

6. When will the invoices for the participation fee be sent out?
Messe Frankfurt will post the invoices in January.

7. When will the participating companies receive their 20 documentation copies?
The documentations are handed over on the first show day after the announcement of the winners.

8. When and where does the award ceremony take place?
The award ceremony takes place on the first day of Creativeworld, 26th January 2019, at 12 o´clock in hall 4.2 in the area of "Creative Talks".